Would I find it cheaper to lease a vehicle or buy?

This depends on the type of vehicle but very often the answer is yes. If you would like more information please see our Vehicle Finance Explained section or contact us.

If I have an existing vehicle can I part exchange it?

We are able to offer you a part exchange on your current vehicle, however if you are able to sell your vehicle privately you will normally be able to achieve a higher value.

Do I have to collect the vehicle or will it be delivered to me?

We will deliver to any mainland UK address at no additional cost, if we are required to deliver to Northern Ireland or other Island’s there may be additional charges.

Is it possible to lease a vehicle if based in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands?

No unfortunately we are unable to do this, our funders do not offer credit to clients based in the above locations.

What is the minimum age for taking a contract?

The minimum age that would be considered is 18 years old.

Do you charge any Administration, Document or Processing Fees?

We do not charge any of the fees mentioned above, however some lenders do charge these fees for certain services.

Can maintenance and servicing be included within the contract?

We can add maintenance, servicing and tyres to the contract at an additional cost.  Each lender offers a slightly different package. We'd be delighted to explain the full details when you contact us.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident it is no different to owning a vehicle, you would have to contact your insurers. Insurance is not included within the agreements so is the responsibility of the driver/company. If you have your vehicle stolen or written off, there can be a shortfall between the value of the vehicle and the outstanding finance amount.  Insurance products that can cover this shortfall are available; however we do not offer insurance products.

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

All new vehicles have breakdown cover for a minimum of 12 months. This does vary as some manufacturers cover up to 4 years for breakdowns.  If you find you require additional breakdown cover, we can look to increase this within your agreement.

Is it possible to add personalised number plates on a lease vehicle?

Yes this is possible, this can done prior to delivery or if required after delivery. Transfer and retention charges apply. If you wish we can assist you with the process.

If I have a bad credit rating, what should I do?

We do not deal with sum prime lending, so are unable to accommodate anyone who is bankrupt or in any type of IVA.  If you need more information on your credit file, we suggest you contact a credit agency such as Equifax or Experian

Can my credit rating be affected by being credit searched?

If multiple searches are carried out over a short period of time this can have a negative effect on your credit profile. Our recommendation is that you only proceed with credit applications when you are sure that you want to proceed.

How long are your Special Offers deals valid for?

All of our special offers vary, some are based on stock vehicles which will expire when stock is depleted other offers can be based on a limited number of factory build slots which will also expire once they are filled.  Please contact us for specific deals and we make you aware of timescales and restrictions on any quotes.

What information is required to enter into a Lease or Purchase Agreement?

We will be able to run through the information required for a Business or Personal Agreement prior to sending to the funder for approval. You will also be required to provide proofs of address such as a utility bill and normally a copy of your driver’s licence.

Why do some quotations say Deposit and other quotations state Initial payment?

Please click on the link vehicle finance explained for a comprehensive answer.

If I want to own my vehicle at the end of the contract what do I need to do?

Some agreements do give you the ability to own the vehicle, please call us to discuss your requirement; we will be delighted to help you find the right product.

Do I own the lease vehicle?

Your lease vehicle will always be owned by the leasing provider/ lender, if you have a purchase agreement then ownership of the vehicle passes at the end of the finance agreement.

If I want to test drive a vehicle, how can I do this?

Bowater Price has a number of dealers that will be able to provide this service for you, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Do you provide the vehicle including insurance?

No, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is fully comprehensively insured throughout the term of your agreement. It is also important to have the insurance in place on the day of delivery of your new vehicle, as we sometimes require proof of insurance prior to delivery

What does the term Lead Time/ Expected Delivery mean?

You will often hear these terms being mentioned regarding your vehicle, they mean the date we anticipate to be able to deliver your new vehicle. It is important to note that lead times can change after you have ordered your vehicle due to many different factors.

What if I cancel my order, will I be charged any fees?

We don’t charge any fee’s for cancelling the finance agreement. You may be charged in relation to cancelling the vehicle.

If I order a vehicle can the pricing change before delivery?

This is a rare occurrence, but from time to time if a vehicle order time is over 6 months then the manufacturer or leasing company may experience a price change. In the rare event this happens you will always have the offer to cancel the vehicle without any charge.

Is a “Pre Registered” vehicle a new vehicle?

Normally a pre-registered vehicle has been registered by the dealer in the last 4 weeks, pre-registered normally are under 3 months old and only have delivery mileage.

Who is my lease vehicle registered to?

If you have a hire agreement the vehicle will always be registered to the lender. If you have a purchase agreement the vehicle will be registered to the customer.

Can I change the term or mileage on my existing agreement?

It depends on the type of agreement you have, some agreement allow changes to be made during the term of the agreement, other funders will not allow this. We will be happy to discuss your requirements prior to you proceeding.

If I exceed the contract mileage will I be charged?

Excess mileage charges do apply and are charged by the lender, a breakdown of the charge is detailed for you on your finance agreement.

Can I finish my agreement early?

This is possible with an agreement; each lender has different clauses for an “early termination” these are laid out for you in your agreement. You will normally find that exit or termination fees will be applied. These can tend to be more expensive the earlier into an agreement you are. They are covered during the sales process.

Is Road Tax/Road Fund Licence included in my agreements?

The vehicle will be delivered with road fund licence, however depending on the type of agreement you have entered into will determine if you have the road fund licence covered for the term of the agreement. Hire agreements cover the RFL for the life of the agreement. Purchase agreements will normally only cover the first 12 months.

What happens if Road Tax/ Road Fund licence Charges Change during the life of my agreement?

The government can increase Road Fund Licence charges during the life of an agreement, a lease contract is based on RFL remaining the same, and if RFL changes during the term the lender may send an invoice for the difference.

Will I need to MOT my vehicle?

Currently an MOT is required when a vehicle is 3 years old; you will need to MOT the vehicle if you exceed 3 years. The cost of MOT’s are covered within your Maintenance agreement should you opt to take this facility.

What happens if I return my car damaged at the end of the agreement?

Reputable lenders use a defined standard of return conditions as defined by the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guide. A sample copy of the guide is held in our Vehicle Finance Explained section. If the damage to the vehicle is outside of the Fair Wear and Tear guide accepted tolerance then you will be charged.